Finding Magic in the Monotony

How to find magic in monotony

‘It’s about exploring beauty in the mundane everyday life.’

‘Look beyond the obvious for magic and mystery.’

‘It’s the ordinary that’s extraordinary, and we should be grateful for that.’

 I’m sure we’ve had our tryst with these lines or similar ones sometime in our lives. Motivating, aren’t they? Sure, they are great. Inspiring, as well, to a certain extent. 

But when you become a writer, it’s a whole new ballgame out there. 

In my (almost) 10 years of writing career, I have dabbled with multiple brands and various forms of writing. I have learned, unlearned, and learned some more in this process. While a lot is said about crafting content that resonates with the audiences and piques their interests, what no one teaches you is how to keep the excitement going and that creativity fuelled.

Because let’s face it – writing for a brand the first time is easy. Writing for the same brand for the fifth time or the sixth? Not so much! As we keep weaving magic with words, sometimes the magic wears off and we fall into this familiar rut (not a familiarity we would like though) and start sounding repetitive without even realising it. 

If you ask me, writing for different brands is experimental, yes, but writing for the same brand is experiential. You just need to discover ways to shake things up a bit and keep that creative spark alive. 

Here’s how:

Recap and reflect

One of the perks of writing for the same brand, trust me. The next time you decide to dive head-first into writing, stop right there! Take a quick recap of what worked and what didn’t the last time around. Analyse (don’t overanalyse now) and look for ways to incorporate and improve your writing. It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow from there.

Balancing it out

In the mornings, my energy screams that I’m ready to take on the world. So, I find ways to use my day wisely, stay productive, and keep things interesting. I start by writing for another new brand and then come back to this brand when I’m set for the day. Alternating between tasks ensures that I don’t hit that creative wall and burn out.

Saying things smartly!

Nobody likes to read that much (unfortunately). But, if we can use smarter ways to engage people, it’s half the battle won. So, why not add a little personality and pizzazz to the pieces? Change things up a bit by using boxes to highlight important aspects, organise information, and bold text wherever you need to emphasise more. This way, writing for the same brand will look different every time. 

Being creative is possible

Sleep on it (not literally, duh!)

Let’s not be afraid to step away from the project and come back to it later. A tired mind needs to rest and re-energise. With so many thoughts taking centre stage, it’s vital to let the thoughts marinate before we start writing our pieces. So, before drafting a piece, take a break every once in a while and let the mind decompress. 

Last but not least, BREATHE. At the end of the day, drop everything and remind yourself to just breathe. You don’t always have to be caught up in the routine, and allow it to pass by you sometimes. 

I know, it’s easy to say, ‘Think outside the box’. But when you’ve been working dedicatedly on the same brand for years, well, it’s easier said than done. Monotony is real, but the only way to figure out the next move is to keep going. Let your ideas take flight and let your mind work in the most wonderful ways. 

Is a sense of repetition setting in? Just, refocus your thoughts and ideas. If there’s anyone who can find the magic in the mundane, it’s YOU! But, don’t be too hard on yourself. You did it the first time, and you can do it this time too – all you need is a little push. Remember, today is just one of the many days to get started.


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