Copylove Diaries

A smart working mom’s guide to having fun, remotely

Becoming a work-from-home mom, who would’ve thought? Certainly not me! It’s been only a year at Copylove, but when I look back at my journey, I can’t help but be amazed at how it has transformed me, my family, and my relationship with my daughter. To say the days have been all smiles and sunshine would be far from the truth…..

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Moving to a small town

Why I moved to a smaller town

In a smaller town, the rhythm is different. The pace is slower. So when I moved, I could feel closer to the work-life balance. Though the pursuit of success and hunger to do more stayed, much-needed attention to personal well-being took priority too. Work turned into an essential part of my life. Not my whole life.

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Working from home

8 Tips to Stay Productive When Working from Home

As a writer, I realised you can’t substantiate your work all the time, like IT engineers or teachers can probably do. I may have researched for 6 hours but if I wrote only 6 lines, it won’t be enough for a day’s work, right?

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My Bengali Chronicles in a Branding Universe

Ah, Tagore! I don’t know where to begin for someone who crafts my entire being. Recently, revisiting one of his classics took me back to my girlhood days. I remember flipping through the pages of *Stree’r Potro* (The Wife’s Letter) during college while pursuing a degree in English literature and feeling gutted and empowered all at once. Allow me to demonstrate how.

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Whiskey and Copywriting

How Hunter S. Thompson can inspire today’s digital circus

Hunter S. Thompson was the conjurer of “Gonzo” journalism, a style that fused reality with his own riotous interpretation, birthing a genre that spat in the face of convention. He wasn’t content to merely report; he injected himself into the story like a shot of adrenaline to the heart, leaving readers alternately stunned, amused, and aghast.

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Add heart to everything

Adding heart to my work in client servicing

One day, after such a frustrating call, I decided to believe that though my role was limited, my passion and good intent couldn’t be. If I wish for work to be happy and easy-going, it can be. This helped me how I’d like to change the way I look at my role and what improvements I could bring to change it…..

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Copywriting and strategy

How does one get copywriting ‘right’?

The process behind copywriting is one of great intrigue and motivation, with endless hours of self-questioning and countless drafts deleted. And how does one even begin becoming a copywriter? We won’t ask why today ;)….

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