Copylove Diaries

Add heart to everything

Adding heart to my work in client servicing

One day, after such a frustrating call, I decided to believe that though my role was limited, my passion and good intent couldn’t be. If I wish for work to be happy and easy-going, it can be. This helped me how I’d like to change the way I look at my role and what improvements I could bring to change it…..

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Copywriting and strategy

How does one get copywriting ‘right’?

The process behind copywriting is one of great intrigue and motivation, with endless hours of self-questioning and countless drafts deleted. And how does one even begin becoming a copywriter? We won’t ask why today ;)….

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WFH: Before it was cool or a compulsion

The moment I turned WFH, I stopped bumping into interesting people at the office canteen or by the water cooler. I had to make efforts to meet new people and build my social circle. The struggle is still on. But I’m getting better at it. Today, there’s no looking back……

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From being a journalist to take the freelance route.

From bylines to brands: My journey of rediscovery

Life, as it often does, threw unexpected adventures my way. After serving as a journalist in prestigious media houses and contributing to founding a prominent financial daily, I decided to take the freelance route. I began crafting tailored content for various financial clients. What was my primary tool? Yep, research…..

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How to find magic in monotony

Finding Magic in the Monotony

I know, it’s easy to say, ‘Think outside the box’. But when you have been working dedicatedly on the same brand for years, well, it’s easier said than done. Monotony is real, but the only way to figure out the next move is to keep going. Let your ideas take flight and let your mind work in the most wonderful ways…..

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A few words of encouragement for the last people who need them.

Though in the wise words of Bob Dylan: the creative process is not like a situation where you get struck by a single lightning bolt. You have ongoing discoveries, and there are ongoing creative revelations. True, the creative journey is a wild ride, like a rollercoaster with unexpected twists and turns….

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Writing inspirations from my kid

Writing inspirations from my 6-year-old

Children possess an incredible ability to weave stories without any boundaries. Their characters are dreamy and unbelievable, yet so relatable. His stories don’t have unicorns, although I’d love to #breakgendersterotypes, but they do have lots of cars, transformers, guns, and more (probably the next Rohit Shetty in the making)….

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